We Are Professional Pigeon Control Experts
We Will Remove Pigeons In All Commercial And Industrial Areas
We Will Not Use Pesticides Or Chemicals

25 Years In Business!

Remember, pigeons are vermin and are not protected
Australian Pigeon Control are specialists in the trapping, removal and control of pigeons in commercial and industrial areas such as airports, shopping centres, hospitals, schools and hotels.. We are Melbourne based and can provide our services to help with your health and safety policy standards to ensure a safe workplace.

The Crofts family have been associated with pigeons for over 50 years breeding, racing and clearing vermin pigeons. We established pigeon removal services in the names of Professional Pigeon Control, AAA Pigeon Control, A1 Pigeon Control and The Pigeon Man and then formed the company Australian Pigeon Control Pty Ltd.

If you are having problems with pigeons, please phone 1300 551 587 or email us at info@pigeoncontrol.com.au to arrange a consultation whereby we can assess your problems and devise a solution. Catch that pigeon now!